Hidden Benefits of Shea Butter – the Not So Secret Ingredient

Hidden Benefits of Shea Butter – the Not So Secret Ingredient

You might be starting to see shea butter in just about every product that’s skin- or even hair-related.

And we’re here to tell you: there’s a very good reason for that!

Shea butter is all the rage— and not just because it pampers your skin. It also has some hidden and more health-focused benefits for skin, hair— which, after you start using it in your daily routine, won’t seem all that secret after all!

Shea butter moisturizes and restores elasticity

It’s true any good skin product should do this, whether it’s simple moisturizing lotion or an anti-aging cream. But shea butter is especially spectacular!

As a whole and natural plant-based skin ingredient, shea does both the above on its own and without the need for additional synthetic ingredients or compounds that weight skin health down (like in some mainstream products).

Harvested from nuts from the African shea tree, shea butter is incredibly rich in fatty acids and oils, both incredibly beneficial for protecting dry skin and a youthful look.

Shea butter can reduce inflammation and free radicals

Not only does shea butter moisturize and restore skin— it also soothes it!

Let’s say you’ve got bug bites or spent too long in the sun. Shea butter can help alleviate any pain or inflammation, all while beautifying your skin, too…not all that different than aloe vera (and maybe even more moisturizing)!

Even more so than aloe or other topical natural remedies, shea butter can do a little deeper soothing: helping chronic inflammation that comes from free radicals.

These free radical “rogue cells” can lead to aging, wrinkles, skin disorders, and even skin cancer. Plenty of shea butter helps keep all these at bay, supporting skin that stays young and rejuvenated for longer.

Shea butter can help banish blemishes, acne, and stretch marks

Inflammation, burns, and bites can be troublesome and painful. But you can also deal with cosmetic issues: zits and blemishes being the worst!

Shea butter products are exceptional at preventing acne by helping balance skin pH. They’re even shown to have very effective healing benefits for scar tissue, acne scars, dark spots, and stretch marks as well, when applied regularly over a long period of time.

Watch out, though: some skin types may become more acne prone with shea butter use!

Shea butter can soothe itchy skin (including skin condition issues)

A natural soothing agent for burns, acne, and inflammation will no doubt bring great benefits to those with skin conditions. It may not be able to cure these conditions, but it can be helpful with the itchy and skin-peeling symptoms of problems like psoriasis, eczema, and many more.

It’s definitely no coincidence that so many skin products (and especially all-natural ones) are including shea butter on their labels as an ingredient.

Shea butter is incredibly beneficial, healing, and widely considered one of the best all-natural skin-quenching ingredients for soothing and taking care of skin health, beauty— and then some!