Which Do You Need - a Moisturizer or a Serum?

Which Do You Need - a Moisturizer or a Serum?

With all the skincare products on the market, you may be wondering what your skin really needs. One of the most common questions we get here at Maritime Naturals is whether you need a serum or a moisturizer. There’s an easy answer to this question - you need both! 
Moisturizers and serums help the skin in different and very important ways.


What does a moisturizer do anyway?

A moisturizer’s main job is to hydrate your skin. Well hydrated skin will make you look younger and your skin will also look and feel softer. Additionally, a moisturizer protects your skin from the environment, forming a barrier to keep the good oils and nutrients in and the bad irritants and chemicals out!


What does a serum do anyway? 

Serums are much thinner and lighter and can penetrate much deeper into the skin than a moisturizer. Serums are effective for specific concerns such as acne, dry skin, dullness, and wrinkles. They may also soothe sensitive skin. You may notice Maritime Naturals serums are quite thin in consistency. This is intentional. When the molecular structure is smaller, as in a thinner product, the serum is able to go deeper into the skin and stay there longer so that it can do the most good. If the molecules are too large, as in a thick product, they just sit on the skin’s surface and do not penetrate, but just create a barrier.


The Bottom Line

Moisturizers and serums are equally important and should be used in combination with each other. For the best impact, it is also important to use these products in the correct order. The rule of thumb is: always follow your serum with your moisturizer!

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